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Syncodeal GmbH has demonstrated its efficiency over the years by investing in development, R&D departments, sales and marketing, effectively developing customer collaboration, and thus supporting a healthy, stable, and sustainable lifestyle.

We invest in clinical trials that are in accordance with current regulations, as well as raw materials obtained from the best partners in the field, to ensure the quality of our products. As a result, we can provide professional products and services with the best quality/price ratio.

Our product line is aimed at all customers, regardless of age, with the goal of improving and protecting health and quality of life.

  • Treatment

  • Prevention

  • Protection

We provide our customers, patients and professionals with safe, high-quality products that are recommended to improve the quality of life and the environment.

We provide interested partners with the opportunity to create their own brands with features tailored to their needs.

We are proud of our company’s successes in a highly competitive, scientifically rigorous, and ever-changing field.

Syncodeal GmbH:

  • High-quality, safe products with clinically demonstrated efficacy. 

  • We use all distribution and promotion channels to ensure that all consumers have access to our products. 

  • Wide range of customers: medical (hospitals, clinics, laboratories, pharmacies), food and chemical industries, FMCG and direct and online consumers ( in the EU and others. 

  • Competitive investments and prices offering best value for money. 

  • Successful promotion of our ideas, work, and image.

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Pain Relief


Orthopedics/ Medical Rehab

Medical Devices

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