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Partnerships Syncodeal GmbH

Since 2005, we have built our reputation and experience on professionalism and the high quality of our products, which are made from cutting-edge raw materials of the highest quality and always have clinically proven efficacy.

We have been able to grow professionally and provide the highest quality products and services to our customers through internal resources, but especially through the long-term success of our mutually beneficial partnerships.

Our goal is to maximize development potential through successful partnerships and optimal resource allocation with partner initiatives.

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In accordance with German and European Union regulations, our own brand ensures the consistent quality of our products: Made in Germany

Depending on your company’s requirements, please contact us at:

We provide the following opportunities:

  • Not only a wide range of products to choose from, but also the possibility of developing a new product according to the customer’s requirements in the field of biocidal, chemical, cosmetic/dermo-cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

  • We handle all of the necessary steps in the creation of a new product, including development, optimization, and production in the quantity specified by the customer, as well as efficacy testing in reputable laboratories and institutes in Germany and Austria.

  • Complete logistical and marketing services.

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