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chemestry lab

2005 – the company is established in Romania. The success of our first products propels us into a leading position on the market in our commercial segment.

2012 – the first step towards international activity, we open our first branch and establish our headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

2016 – third stage, Germany, we launch our most important and most desired project: our own production line and our own R&D laboratory. We start the first clinical trials for our products, all of which are met with success both on the market and with our customers.

2020-2021 (Covid-19 pandemic) – we were supportive of our customers and those who needed our best quality biocidal products and services, by maintaining the same price level, thus not altering customers’ purchasing power.

Our area of expertise is products in the following fields:

– Biocides of medical, residential and professional use
– Dermatology
– Orthopaedics
– Medical devices
– Chemical products, personal and industrial use

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